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News of Failure & Success On The County Cinema Scene

July 22nd, 2010 by ccrouch

Orange County’s newest movie theatre, Cinema Fusion (aka Gardenwalk 14, The Movie Experience 14, and a few other monikers), is preparing to close after a two year run. Opened in July of 2008, the self promoted “future of movie going”, never managed to capture a sizeable share of the movie going market and struggled to even pay for operational expenses; more the result of a poor location and weak marketing, than any true fault with the venue itself. According to published reports, Ultra Star Cinemas will take over operations of the struggling theatre, aiming for a late Summer re launch and new attempt at luring in business.
On the opposite end of the cinema spectrum, one of the county’s oldest operating movie theatres, Irvine’s Woodbridge 5, is set to begin offering digital 3D projection this Friday. The thirty year old, discount priced, Woodbridge completed a $70,000 digital install, in the site’s largest auditorium, this week, with plans to be fully digital by year’s end. While not the nation’s first discount theatre to initiate a digital conversion, the move remains somewhat bold and pioneering, in the world of sub $5 ticketing.

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