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Grauman Estate Auction

August 14th, 2013 by ccrouch

I’ve been conducting research for a pending post on the last years of Sid Grauman’s life. Among the interesting items I have run across is this 1950 newspaper advertisement for his estate auction. 

Grauman Auction

While I’m sure a great many of his former belongings are long vanished or forever separated from their history, one can’t help but wonder where some of these items now reside.

An interesting side note/warning for memorabilia collectors: In a 1950 court deposition, it came to light that Sid Grauman very rarely wrote his own correspondence or even personally signed much of anything; the bulk of such output actually came from the hand of his personal assistant, Gertrude Skall. According to Ms. Skall, “about the only thing he ever wrote was an autograph and that only on a picture for someone particularly close to him.”

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