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Developed in partnership with OC Cinema, Cinelog is a personal commentary on cinema and the movie going experience, from the viewpoint of someone who both works within the Southern California film exhibition industry and has held a lifelong fascination with theatres. While there are the traditional news pieces and reviews, most of the subject matter is historical and anecdotal in nature; focusing primarily on Orange County, California.
Christopher Crouch
Christopher has made a career of theatre operations (although, he often views his time in the industry as more of an excursion), having worked in venues ranging from twin plex to mega plex, independent to “big three,” dollar house to high end, and everything in between. In addition to being an amateur theatre/film/industry historian, Christopher holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Texas Tech University. Christopher is currently employed as a multiunit general manager for a national exhibitor and is cofounder of OC Cinema.
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